About Francesc

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

As you can see on the site, I have a strong passion for live music, concert photography, taking pictures of bands and portraits in general. However, from time to time I switch to pictures of landscapes or street life, or I abandon the digital world to come back to the basics of photography thanks to good-old 35mm film.

If I had to tell you one of the things I am best at, I would say I can turn uneasy situations into a smooth and relaxed experience when subjects are placed before my camera. This becomes particularly useful for portraits or nudes. Many people would love to have a different, memorable or sexy picture of them but feel nervous about the process. I can help with that.

Who am I?

I was born near Girona (Spain). I never received a camera at an early age but I used to play around with any camera I could find at home (I particularly remember two compact ones, one of which never worked properly) and experiment with my way of seeing the world   ̶  I'm short-sighted, astigmatic and colour-blind!

In 2003 I obtained a degree in something that has little to do with photography. At that time I felt seriously attracted to photography but I could not find many chances to learn or practise in Spain. It was some years later, in 2007, when I decided to move to Belgium and took up a course at the Photography School in Brussels. Still, formal training did not satisfy my thirst for knowledge and I started to experiment with different techniques on my own and to teach myself with a wide range of books, on-line courses and webinars.  

Now there is no way I can imagine or see the world other than through a lens.

Have a look at the different categories and feel free to send any comments about the pictures or just get in touch and discuss any photographic issue of your taste.

I am still living in Brussels.